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A look in what it takes to brand and design a simple product in a complex industry.

Adobe XD

A brief summary

A brief summary

Bridge aims to link the fund manager directly to the fund financier.

Bridge is an ambitious idea with a simple goal, to make the processes of finding funds to invest in or fund managers to loan money to, as painless as possible.

The problem

The problem

The process is labor intensive and boring.

Bridge aimed to fix the hassle of finding accredited funds to invest into and accredited entities to provide finance. The old process of excel sheets and paperwork was inefficient and outdated. The first problem identified was their target market which were split into two groups; fund financiers & fund managers. These groups belong to a traditional formal sector with little room to move and innovate in terms of design and usability. Too safe and Bridge risked being lost in a pool of boring SAAS products, to exciting and the brand could be viewed as a gimmick and not trustworthy. The second was taking a very structured process and breaking it down to easy tasks that would not overload the user and in turn making a product that would replace their tried and tested methods.

Our solution

The solution

To create an exciting brand and experience that felt familiar.

and this is how we did it...

There were three main ideas that needed to be incorporated; a bridge or a link connecting something together, it needed to convey effortlessness and it needed  to show technology and progress.

This was taken from the proposal document before digital copies were made showing the different options that were developed.

The final logo

The final logo represented a "B" for Bridge. A twisted loop to form the "B" which creates a flow and ease to the logo. The loop "bridges" over itself to visually represent the link of the business.

The colours depicted are a safe dark blue - used by many corporates in the industry to show safety and security, and an electric cyan which brings the brand into the tech realm and makes the logo more exciting.

The font is formal and easy to read yet has interesting character artifacts that makes it more playful and energetic.

All together the logo is classic and familiar, yet exciting.

The wire frames & prototyping

The wire frame was essential in understanding how this product would operate.

This was the meat of the project. There were a lot of reviews with the client to ensure the product would deliver what it was supposed to. Different graphs and data sets were implemented and refined until the client was happy to proceed to build out the user interface and prototype.

As always, the process starts with an over-simplification of how the product would operate to align all the stakeholders.

A first look at the proposed dashboard.

The built out wire frame had a lot of moving parts that came together well.

And now for the user interface

This is always the best part of the project. This is when the client gets their first glimpse of what is to come. An atomic system was developed to keep the design, type, colours and inputs consistent. This made it easy to chop and change information and really solidify the design.